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Goan Ethnographic Museum

Come Experience Goan artefacts and their traditional agrarian technology and lifestyle

This Ethnographic Museum is located in the census town Benaulim, in Goa. The museum enhances the already beautiful Benaulim village, rendering it a fantastic location to visit while travelling in Goa. The Museum collection includes tools of local pottery, farming tools, musical instruments, ancient carts and palanquins -- from different timeline of  India and Goa historic past. It also showcases an organic farm for the cultivation of various vegetables, herbs, spices, sugarcane, and rice -- all staples of the area in coastal western India. It is the endeavor of the museum to showcase the lives of the ancestors who were a part of this land called Goa.




Eco-use; fertiliser and pesticides utilised are made from farm waste, using traditional techniques. Rather ingeniously, human waste from the living quarters is also converted to bio-gas, and together with solar power, provides the energy needs of the farm.


Through this museum, the curator wanted to portray and pay tribute to the people who in earlier days lived simple agrarian lives with eco-friendly means and methods - the tools, implements and crafts which were not technologically sophisticated but rendered a fine balance between nature and the people’s sustenance.





 The Museum also caters, in the most enjoyable manner, to the public at large, by creating awareness of Goa’s indigenous art forms, origins and their development with the passage of time. It is a wonderful platform for learning about the land and its people.



 The ethnographic museum is set against the pretty backdrop of an organic farm, which started with a mere 200 articles, the number of which soon grew to 4000 objects,  The museum blends modern technology with traditional materials and elements found within 5 km radius of the property. It strongly adheres to the philosophy of reutilizing and retaining resources without wasting them.

The Museum has been rated by the Archaeological Survey of India as the topmost contemporary museum in India.

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