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Banking Services, Finance Services, Insurance, credit card, Money exchange, Savings Account, Life insurance, Health insurance, General Insurance, Vehicle insurance, Property insurance, Money deposit service


Banking Services :

No matter where you live, opening a bank account is one essential part of life, but you have to check around to find out what services a bank provides which can be a tedious process and requires effort and time. We make your banking process easier by taking the load off, as we offer a range of services, which are listed below:

  • Applying for a credit card
  • Helping buy traveler's cheques
  • Encash a cheque
  • Easy access to checking your account balance
  • Money deposit service
  • Money exchange services
  • Opening a savings account
  • Order cheques
  • Pay your bills online
  • Rent a safety deposit box
  • Review your bank statement

Finance Services
We provide Financial Accounting Services with the assistance of our professional associates and partners. They provide an insight to analyze global issues before recommending a solution to our clients. We understand the core business and process of clients and then work with them as their strategic business partners, rather than as external consultants.

Our Process includes:

  • Understanding client requirements and giving consultation accordingly.
  • Analyze business issues and recommending a solution with transparent service costs
  • Assist the clients in making an informed decision by providing law extracts and research documents.
  • A detailed status reports on a regular basis to clients based on agreed services.
  • Maintaining a high degree of professionalism and ethics
  • Build long-lasting relationship with our clients through personalized, consistent and quality services
  • Ensuring strict confidentiality of all client information and data

In a fiercely competitive industry, insurers are challenged to find ways to transform their operations to drive efficiencies, cut costs, differentiate themselves and generate sustainable profitable growth. We do more than just build plans as our insurance professionals understand and can perform virtually every aspect of an insurance operation.

  • Life
  • Health
  • Vehicle
  • Property


Business Advisory Services


Business Advisory Services, Business Plan, Goa Business Startup, Home Business Goa, Market Research, Risk Management, Corporate Finance, Strategy and Planning, Marketing and Sales, Brand Management, Pricing Strategy, Sales Strategy


Business advisory services is utilized by all types of businesses and involves examining the legal, tax, finance, market and risks factors involved to start up a business or making new changes to the business. Our Business Advisory is the division that caters to all your business development and growth needs. Our expert business advisory services will assist you to plan and navigate successfully while making progress and growth. We go beyond just advising, we take a step further and act and implement our insights and development strategies into executive projects with your team. An in-depth analysis of the business needs of our clients, understanding the needs of a growing company and to helping overcome the hurdles is our forte. Our business model focuses on not just “what we can offer" but also "what our client needs".

Based on our analysis and research we guide you towards achieving your full business potential and all strategies and implementation of plans is tailor made purely for your business growth and development.

We develop the following advisory services for our clients:

Internal Controls
Risk Assessment - Commercial & Finance
Special Investigations
Corporate Finance

  •      Business Setup
  •      Business Technology
  •      Corporate Governance & Process Improvement
  •      Cost Control & Restructuring
  •      Due Diligence
  •      Financing
  •      Feasibility Studies
  •      Enterprise Performance - KPI & BS
  •      Mediators & Out of Court Settlement
  •      Mergers & Acquisition*
  •      Resource Optimisation & Sustainability

 Strategy & Planning

  •      Human Resources Management
  •      Organisational Change & Leadership
  •      Placements & Recruitment
  •      Training & Development* - Courses/ Workshops


Marketing & Sales

  •      Branding & Marketing
  •      Customer Relationship Management

 Product & Service Innovation
 Pricing & Sales Strategy

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