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Wedding Nuptials / Beach Wedding


If you want to have your wedding nuptials in a church or chapel then you would have to follow the rules and of the church. Various documents like your Birth certificates, order Right to Marriage Certificate, order Civil Marriage Certificate, etc will need to be provided to the parish priest and in turn to the Archbishop before we can use the church/chapel. A donation may also need to be made to the Parish Priest for using the services of the church.


However if you are looking to have a wedding at the beach or any other place outside the church then we can only use a Non-Religious Wedding Celebrant and NOT a Priest to conduct you exchange of rings and vows. There are no formalities needed for beach weddings as such weddings are not recognized by the church. Beach weddings are also not Legally binding. Civil Registration / Court Marriage would be needed for this.




  • Entrance Arch / Décor with Floral Stands, Floral Arrangements for Pews,
  • Bridal Seating Setup, Floral Arrangements for the Altar, Reading Stand
  • Pedestal Arrangements, Red Carpet, etc



  • Govt. Licence for Beach Wedding (Dept. of Tourism)
  • Entrance Arch / Décor with Floral Stands, Petalled Pathway
  • Ceremony Gazebo with Floral Décor & Ornaments
  • Guest Seating Setup with Aisle & Pew Décor
  • Reading Stand, Red Carpet/Ramp
  • Basic Sound System & Cordless Mics



  • Bridal Bouquet 
  • Nuptial Choir (with sound)
  • Beach Wedding Celebrant 
  • Liturgy Management (100 Hymn Books, Prayers, etc)
  • Luxury Wedding Car / Vintage Car (with Floral Décor)
  • Post-Nuptial Refreshments
  • Family Flowers & Favors