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Laguna Anjuna

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Laguna Anjuna is a charming vacation estate set in a lush tropical garden featuring an enticing free-form pool and a transformed Indo-Portuguese country home inspired by authentic Goan living. The large independent cottages make an ideal choice for families and large groups.



Built in traditional Goan Portuguese style and constructed of locally available eco- friendly material, the Languna Anjuna house features walls of thick laterite stone with carved lintels, a roof of terracotta tiles set on coconut wood rafters and floors of oxidized stone. The interiors feature wrought iron furniture, Thonnet chairs, Le Corbusier sofas, stained glass and other tasteful accessories. 



Apart from its lush tropical garden, the free form pool stands as the most distinctive feature of this property and welcomes you as you enter the property. Laguna Anjuna derives its name from the exotic pool, set in the periphery of a rock garden and trees. 


Guestrooms at Laguna Anjuna are spacious and individually styled in the “country” Indo-Portuguese style that carries through this house.


The restaurant offers a menu that emphasizes simplicity, quality and natural locally available produce. The food on offer is multi-cuisine, encompassing favorite plates from across the Mediterranean, Europe, Mexico, Goa and India. The courtyard around the main house serves as the restaurant, and the interiors, the bar. 


We love the mezze platter and guacamole & nachos!


The Laguna property additionally hosts a spa, Club Mud. The spa offers a variety of treatments from “bodywork” (or massages),  cosmetic facials and other body treatments. The spa specializes in therapy that “treats body and mind as one fluid continuum and feedback system”.  All treatments are non- invasive techniques and administered by highly trained therapists. And in case you have been wondering, the spa is named after the in-house Mud Pool!! 


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