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North Goa Other Attractions

The following are the most impressive attractions of North Goa.


Aguada Fort, <a href=

Aguada Fort : 18 kms. Built by the Portuguese in 1609-1612, to command the entry into the river Mandovi, in order to protect Old Goa from potential enemy attacks. A spring within the fort provided water supply to the ships that called there. The fort houses presently the central jail. A lighthouse is situated nearby, the visiting hours for it being 16.00 to 17.00 hrs.

Arvalem Caves, North Goa

Arvalem Caves : The celebrated caves of Arvalem, belonging to a remote era, are in a westerly direction not far away from the temple of Rudreshwar and are of archaeological interest. A mythical background is attached to these caves. Some are of the opinion that these caves have been carved by the travelling Buddhist monks. An inscription is noticed on a Shivalinga with a circular top in cave No.2 Its is in Sanskrit and in Brahmi characters of the 7th century A.D. It reads as Sambalura-vasi Ravih.

Pleasure Island, North Goa

Pleasure Island : Goa’s only backwater Country Resort on the island of Divar where you experience the treasures of flora & fauna. Explore nature in the hinterlands with bird watching at the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, crocodile spotting in the Cumbharjua Canal and more…You can also savor the pure and simple countryside ambience from the ethnic Goan riverside villas and indulge in boating as well as other recreational options. Set in the ambience of a typical Goan village, the Resort is only 9 kms from Panjim city, the commercial hub of Goa or a short boat ride away; 32 kms from the airport and only 6 kms from Karmali railway station at Old Goa.

Savoi Plantation Spice of Life, North Goa

Savoi Plantation Spice of Life : is located at Savoi Ponda, 25 kms from Panaji and 15 kms from Ponda. Oldest tropical plantation with inter crops. One  can see the rural  setting of interior Goan Traditional methods of Organic Farming. Crops like Coconuts, Betel nuts, pineapples, spices and many more. A walk in the plantation with local person briefing you about the nature (crops, roots, herbs). Experience the typical Goan Hindu Cuisine served in Mud Pots with Banana Leaf. On the way to Savoi Plantation one can visit Cashewnut Factory, Ananta(Vishnu-the Preserver of Universe) Temple.

Arvalem Waterfalls, North Goa

Arvalem Waterfalls : Leaving the temple of Rudreshwar, one can descend the staircase to look at a majestic waterfall shedding its exuberant silvery showers. The beautiful fall, with a head of about 70 ft., forms a sizeable lake at the bottom which offers a temptation to seasoned swimmers. The fall is best seen when in full flux, just after the copious monsoon, when it presents a raptures, ravishing and riotous aspect.

Mayem Lake, North Goa

Mayem Lake : 35 kms surrounded amidst rolling green hills is an ideal picnic spot. Good accommodation facilities are available in Cottages. Boating is available on the lake.Another major attraction here is ‘Natural Harmony’- the longest laterite monolithic sculpture in India measuring 14 x 5 metres which makes this a must see place for every visitor Sculpted in Greco - Roman style, in a record time, this horizontally etched  Sant Mirabai playing the ektara found its way into the Limca Book of Records.