Owning a piece of this tiny heaven-on-earth is a dream sought after by so many. The beauty of this state is very contained, but well-known around most corners of the planet.

Window Shop Goa is one platform for all local businesses. That includes Goan property too.

Ever shopped online? Or used social media? Given that you’re savvy enough to arrive here, you probably have. To save you a lot of time, most e-commerce websites have a few tools that make the shopping and browsing experience a lot quicker, but an experience non-the- less. These ‘filters’ that make your browsing faster and your scrolling shorter, yes - the ones that help you decide what type, what size, what price, etc. – we’ve got a few of those too, tailor – made. Each of our property listings are also detailed out in a user-friendly manner, like the layout of a Facebook page for example – something you’re familiar with and can navigate with ease. All to help you buy a small slice of the ‘susegad’ life from the comfort of your home.

Click on the ‘Properties’ tab and select the ‘For Sale’ option from the drop-down menu. What follows is rather self-explanatory. Each property listed for sale has its own ‘profile’ of sorts. At first glance, a single cover picture, the price, the location, and engagement of viewers – the number of views and likes. See something interesting? Go right ahead and click on it. There’s a lot more to explore.

Once you open the selected property listing, you will have the site described better in detail: The nature of accommodation (villa/guest house/apartment, etc.). The price value. The number of bathrooms, bedrooms, and the size of the property in square meters. A short description written by the seller. Amenities (pets/parking/garden area, etc.). Followed by pictures to give you a fair idea of the place. On the right side, an easily accessible Google Maps pinned location and contact details. Got some feedback or a query? Feel free to get in touch with the information provided or put in a message in the window on the bottom right.

If you are looking for something specific by location, size, etc. Here is where the filters come in. Select the category of property you are looking for, the number of bathrooms, bedrooms, square feet, furnishing, location, price range, etc. No matter how big the buy, the process can always be made easier. And that’s what we’ve attempted to do here.

Whether it’s a great retirement plan, or a permanent holiday home, or simply another piece of Goa you’d like to call a home – Take a look and see for yourself how you can realise the dream sought after by so many – right here, right now.