The well-known idea of a ‘Goa plan’ is one that has come up at least in one of your conversations. Well especially because you’ve stumbled upon this website, we’re sure it has!

The dream to visit one of the most beautiful Indian states should turn into more than just a plan – it should become a reality! But speaking of the ‘Goa Plan’ or the ‘Goan Reality’ if you may, we’ve got a better idea for you.

The Goan life is unparalleled and incomparable. While a holiday in Goa is nothing short of amazing, everyone should experience a slice of the Goan life for a decent amount of time – the regular, daily Goan life that’s close to the one every Goan lives, with no hassle of an exhausting sight-seeing activity every day, or constantly trying to keep up with your holiday itinerary. So, while sight-seeing and other activities are great, we’ve got a way for you to experience a bit of this Goan life – rent a Goan property.

Think about it – a whole month or however long you desire, at an accommodation of your liking, in a location you cannot go wrong with - because it is Goa. And we’ve got a sea of options for you to choose from!

Head over to the ‘Properties’ tab on our website and select the ‘For Rental or Short Stay’ option from the drop-down menu. The following page serves as an easily understandable catalogue of properties for rent in Goa. Every property listing has its own set of details. What you see at first glance is its cover picture, its price per month, which town/village it is in, and the engagement of viewers – the number of views and likes. If you see a house for rent in Goa you like, click on it. There are more details on the following page.

Here you’d have a more detailed, specific description of the site, and everything you could possibly need to know: The nature of accommodation – a villa, a guest house, an apartment, or better yet, why not rent a Goan beach house? Along with the price of a home for rent in Goa for one month, you also have details like the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, the size of the property in square meters, amenities like allowance of pets, parking, garden area, etc. We also have a description written by the seller to help you further. A few pictures as well, to give you a fair idea of the place. In the right pane, a Google Maps location and contact details. For feedback or a query about the property, do get in touch with the contact details or type a message at the bottom right.

In case you already have an idea of what you need, specify the type of property you are looking for, the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, overall size, location, furnishing, rent price range per month, etc. with the help of the filters provided to you on the left.

So, whether you are looking for a small house to rent in Goa, or an office space in the town – Window Shop Goa is the perfect platform to find exactly what you need with no hassle. After all, doesn’t it sound good to truly experience the Goan life for a nice, long period in the land where time slows down? You may even consider purchasing your own property after this. Who knows? Either way, we’ll be here if you ever wish to!