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Your search for the Best Wedding Emcee, Goa has in store is certain to stop here. With a Wedding Emcee Profile as Professional & Passionate as it can get, Mr. Celbert Dias is the one-stop Find for your Wedding day needs. Moreover, with an ever Smiling face & voice that speaks from his heart, Emcee Celbert Dias is ascertained to make your wedding the Most Memorable Day of your Life.

Equally, with Years of Experience and Wedding Ideas Flowing over, his Passion evolved into a Beautiful Profession. The Journey for Emceeing the wedding with Celbert begins much before the final week. He makes it a point to meet the couple much before. Plans are discussed, Ideas Shared and important segments of the wedding touched to give you the confidence & peace of mind in trusting everything will go well as planned.

Moreover, Having shared the stage with Star performers such as Lorna,  International acts with Manolo, the Voice of the Gipsy Kings,  Abbey, Aasma and much more are some of the greatest performances Goa has witnessed & Celbert has been the front lead taking the Event to the next level.

He is sure to get this Stage experience on the dancing floor. The Special Wedding Introductions, Getting the crowd Dancing along  & being aware of the Happenings are some of the important aspects He brings to a Wedding.

So, your search for the Best Wedding Emcee Goa can offer you stops here with Emcee Celbert Dias. Smiling & Always with the Passionate Hat driving Couples in Love,  Ready to take you on a journey that bind’s together Memories for the rest of your lives.

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