Orocare - Classic Toothbrush

Orocare - Classic Toothbrush

Orocare - Classic Toothbrush

(Ref:PROD-12) /  Published on:  23-06-2024

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About Us

Orocare Classic Toothbrush

Designed by Dentits to give tota hygiene for Gums & Teeth.

1. Protection for Gums and Teeth

2. Complete oral care

3. Perfectly rounded end bristles to prevent gum damage

4. Dentist recommend changing ypur tooth brush every 3 months. Visit your dentist regularly to maintain healthy teeth.

MOQ: minimum 1 case (each case contains 20 dozen of each variant i.e. 60 dozen)

Advance payment through NEFT feight to pay

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1st Floor, Mayankita Bldg, Behind Lily Garments, Francisco Loiola Rd. New Market, Margao, Goa

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