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Window Shop Goa is a venture of MAGAS Service Media Platforms which devised the term “Service Media” where mass communications mediums are used to Generate Leads and Deliver Services. is Goa's one and only platform integrating local e-commerce and connecting with the rest of the world.


At WSG one will find anything and everything that is Goan and much more. It reaches to everyone and serves as a one stop shop whether it's for business or leisure and provides users information about Goa, products , services, news, events, etc. making it easy to live, travel and experience the best of Goa and acts as a bridge between Goa, Goan diaspora and rest of the world.


WSG strives to promote the local produce of Goa in all its forms and have carved out a niche in our marketplace and services offerings. We have established our own preferred network of channel partners who provide several goods & services. Our services are tried and tested based on trust and quality. We share unique selling experience with all our clientele to given them the best service from our specialized in-house services to get things done without them actually having to be there and with lot more efficiency than others.


At Window Shop Goa our endeavour is to provide the best possible service for the right value. We want our patrons to experience the true Susegad Goan lifestyle, while we take care of all their needs. 


WindowShopGoa - Goa Simplified



Conceptual Background:



The concept was developed based on a simple thought that intrigued our founder, who is of Goan origin, what does web users actually look for in the crowded online space from an e-commerce perspective. And a study found out that most online buyers prefer to buy goods & services catering to their daily needs from a source with physical local presence which gives them the comfort of customer service and after sales support. Whilst the online sellers are willing to go any distance with their offerings to make a sale ignoring such factors. This prompted him to develop this concept further into a case study which would apply to a specific geo-location with sizeable market and has relevance to socio-economic activity with a cultural influence, to come together in a single window platform to exchange their offerings. Hence an online WINDOW (also synonymous with MS Windows in computers), of your local market put in a form of a virtual SHOP, focusing on GOA created WINDOW SHOP GOA. (WSG) was born with a vision to integrate Classifieds, Marketplace and Services verticals, which are the main channels for offering goods & services online, whether new or old, to connect with an audience relevant to GOA and its GOAN diaspora.



We offer FREE classified listings for everyone - businesses or individuals to use and use as often as needed. You can get maximum exposure and highly targeted visitors by placing ads with pictures and links in our well organized and categorized sections. We have thousands of visitors daily; therefore you can take advantage of free listings to maximize your reach. The online listing gives you and your business the much needed mileage than the traditional print media by connecting you to audience globally.


At WSG we believe in a world of limitless possibilities. Innovation with a blend of creativity being our key driver, we strive to give online shopping a new dimension. With an unparalleled assortment of the local Goan food and flavors, traditional rich art, music, besides national and international brands in clothing for men, women, and kids; accessories, fragrances, cosmetics, footwear; home furnishing and decor products, lighting and audio equipment, consumer durables, etc. our online store aim to provide shoppers a truly hassle free shopping experience.


WSG objective of promoting the local produce of Goa is of utmost priority. For which we have a created a dedicated section “MARKETPLACE SPECIAL OFFERS”. Unlike many retail online outlets which does not have the local presence, WSG want to break the barrier and be your local online shop.



Window Shop Goa aims at providing professional services to cater to the needs of its audience based in Goa or outside Goa. Be it banking & finance, insurance, business advisory, care & assistance for seniors, citizenship & naturalization, concierge services, events & wedding planning on the serene shores of Goa, marketing & promotions, facilities management, general services, government & legal liasioning, IT services, jobs & recruitment assistance, medical tourism, property buying - selling, real estate & property management, etc. we have the experts to deliver your needs.


We have our own network of channel partners associated with us to execute and deliver the above listed services. Our services are tried and tested with trust and quality. We share unique selling proposition with our “preferred clientele” to find the best service in Goa. E.g. WSG have tie up with well reputed builders in selling off-site properties which gives you exclusivity to the pre-launch prices. This comes with a “one-time membership” with WSG (please email to know more). Our specialized in-house services can get things done in Goa without you actually having to be there with lot more efficiency than others.